Sabbia Gallery, Paddington
23 April – 18 May 2013

The last and first light of the day, light through cloud, light behind cloud, light defused by rain and storm. The moment just after sunset when the land glows for a short while. These are the moments I look for and it’s the nature of lustre that captures these. Surfaces change in tone, colour and intensity due to light playing on the glaze surface and the angle of the viewer. All contribute to making the luminous, illusionary surface that envelopes the work.

In the country where I live I see many images within the landscape each day. There is a vast horizon to observe sunrise and sunset, light through mist, rain, clouds, dust and heat, and the moment as the sun goes down, that after glow that, for just a moment, changes the land and sky. Walking from home to the studio and back again, has the feeling of being enveloped in sky. It is first and last light that I am drawn to. The bright yellow gold of morning at first light. The evening warm golden light mixed with pink and blue grey. All this, combined with the vast variety of clouds that can be seen on any day, means an amazing moment to be remembered.