40 Years in the Making: The Pots I Kept

Cowra Regional Art Gallery
21 December 2013 – 2 February 2014

Belconnen Arts Centre
26 September – 19 October 2014


During one of my very early exhibitions in the late 70’s I was told by Ken Hood, then Deputy Director of the National Gallery of Victoria, that the artist should always have the best collection of their work. I took this piece of advice to heart and now, forty years on, I have an overwhelmingly large collection of my own work slowly gathering dust and taking up valuable space that could be used to make even more work. So it is now time for some of the pieces to come out of the dark and either be exhibited once again, or in the case of many, for the first time.

In condensing 40 years of the creative process into one show, I hope to show people the development of a craftsperson. From the early fostering of a love of clay in a young man fresh from high school, desperate to escape double latin and PE. The tentative tiptoeing of an emerging artist striving to understand his place in the fabric of Australian craft. Then the passionate experimentation with the wonderfully versatile medium of ceramics that has sustained me through the years and I hope has contributed something of worth to the cultural annals of Australia and humanity.

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